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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday's Truths 13: It's a Somber Anniversary

My dear friend Donna De Solis (pictured above) died four years ago today. I have no words for the void in my life. She was truly supportive of my creative endeavors and attended openings of my art exhibitions, including one that was in The New York Gallery Building that featured my kaleidoscopic photographs, such as Rocks By Strawberry Fields.

In the next image DD can be seen standing next to yours truly on my opening night.

As I've just said, the void in my life since her passing is huge and my heart constantly goes out to her son Bryan and husband, Tony. I've preserved some of her legacy in video format (at the request of her son) and it, titled, Remembering Donna, (The Wonder of DD) can be viewed on my Vimeo Channel  as well as my You Tube Channel.

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