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Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Follow Up re "turtles having your back..."

In a recent entry here on Blogger, I mentioned that "turtles as the saying goes, 'got each other's back..'" which may be true, but something else is also going on when you see turtles atop each others back.

After I published the aforementioned entry I began to look into why turtles pile on top each other as they are doing in the photograph atop this entry (which was taken in Central Park).

According to a web-page known as Turtle-Holic,"One theory is that turtles pile on top of each other to get exposed to more sun-rays. They do this in order to receive as much UV as they can, and also for warmth." 

This page's author,  J, "the turtle-obsessed creator of the website," goes on to say, "That’s the simple answer... some people thought that they did this in order to hide and protect themselves. Basically, that turtles aren’t fighting to get on top of each other. Rather, they are fighting to get underneath one another... Logically this makes no sense however. If this were the case, not only would we see them continually jockey for position, but the larger and stronger turtles would always be on the bottom. Instead, the larger and stronger turtles are sometimes on the top..." What’s happening when turtles do this is pretty basic, J proclaims and he goes on to explain the phenomenon; which I encourage you to check out, dear reader and here's the link to J's Page; which is a source I stumbled on by accident; so I take no responsibility or credit for the resource.

I do take responsibility to share a few more images of turtles having each other's back as seen in the next set of images.

As I've mentioned before, every time I see a turtle in the park, I am introduced to a habit of theirs which should not come as a surprise to you, dear reader.

Moreover their shells are the inspiration for my kaleidoscopic photographic print titled Turtle Pond, which is pictured below...


... and is available in many sizes via Fine Art America (or FAA) who can print wall art on an array of surfaces (woodcanvasacrylicmetal and more.

FAA can also render them on items for the home (including pillows and duvet covers), plus they can print images on for personal use (such as tote bags and greeting cards).

Any of these items make for a great Father's Day gift to give anyone who is a father. That holiday is less than one month away! And with that dear reader, I encourage you to get these items as gifts and as well to take advantage of learning why turtles stack on top of one another.

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