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Friday, March 8, 2019

Identifying with Sally Brown

The Peanuts Comic Strip (as many of them do) posted atop this entry spoke to my heart the other day when I saw it in my FB Newsfeed. I am a landline cordless phone user who  has been without my phone service since November of 2018. This is due to a cable issue with Verizon which will supposedly be resolved April 3rd of this year.

During the outage, I have had to use a temporary tract phone in place of my cordless phone. The first tract phone I procured malfunctioned after a few days, the second one froze, while the learning curve for the third one, which I'm using now, has been a bit steep for yours truly; but I have mastered it to the extent I need at least for now. After all, if birds can find a work around to use a phone (as seen below in this illustration by Linda Silvestri)...

... then I can adjust to my temp phone!

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