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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday's Sequel (to 2-21's Blog Post)

This past Thursday, I published a post re it being a month after 2019's Squirrel Appreciation Day and in it one of the things I stated was this: "... A squirrel’s bushy tail actually serves a couple of purposes. For one, it helps them balance when they are walking along branches." 

Today I came upon the image that's posted above and indeed even though this squirrel is hanging on to a branch belonging to one of Central Park's trees by his/hers hind toes, it certainly seems like their tails assist in the balance! Pretty nifty...

If this squirrel can hang in, so can I. Hard times lately. AS many of you know, I only see out of one eye. Now I am being tested for a tumor re my Neurofibromatosis (NF) on my Optic Nerve

MOREOVER, it rained INSIDE my place Thursday night due to the weight of melting snow.

The place I rent is on the top floor, and in 1997, the ceiling caved in (as seen below).

A repair was made on the new leak today, I pray it holds!

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