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Monday, January 7, 2019


It's Monday; and so, anyone who follows Twitter, knows this means the topic #MondayMotivation is trending, but this is not just any Monday, it's the first Monday of a New Year and motivation might be a bit higher.

The image atop this entry is from a Peanuts' tweet on the subject of #MondayMotivation that I saw quite some time ago. When I saw it, my initial thought was what does this particular cartoon have to do with motivation?

This cartoon appears to be more about perseverance (which Charlie Brown seems to do on a number of occasions) than motivation.

Perhaps I see CB's drive to "kick it clear to the moon," as perseverance since I'm one who perseveres, as evidenced by the information re my fundraiser on Facebook.

By the way, for those who don't do FB but would like to contribute, please refer to the lefthand side bar of this blog. The information is posted below the Donate Button (which is the eighth item in that sidebar's list) and thanks.

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