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Sunday, November 18, 2018

It's a "Mallard-something" Hybrid!

Many thanks to #RobertDeCandidoPhD for emailing me re this bird's (seen in the two photos directly above) ID. "This is a mallard-something hybrid, a larger version of a mallard whose ancestors were (a) a mallard and (b) a large white duck that was bred as a table (dinner - to be eaten) duck that was probably all-white."

I do not eat meat or fowl so I was glad to learn that while this creature was bred to be a table duck, he was swimming in a pond located in Central Park, where wood ducks, Mallards and the now famous Mandarin spend their time.

I was happy to see that instead of being someone's dinner, the hybrid could enjoy swimming in the pond. Indeed, and as you can see he/she has the last laugh (as seen below):

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