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Sunday, May 6, 2018

"Ms. Mighty Mouse" is on 79th and Broadway! (Sunday's Sequel)

Last Sunday, here on Blogger, I mentioned that the Broadway Mall Association’s newest art exhibition, In Dreams Awake, (a series of sculptures created by the artist Kathy Ruttenberg) is on view outside a few subway stops on the UWS in NYC!

The image atop this blog entry is one I took of the sculpture, Ms. Mighty Mouse, that is located in close proximity to the entrance of the West 79th Street Station. It is 120″ high x 48″ wide x 32″ in diameter. Some details of of Ms. Mighty Mouse are amazing, as evidenced by her shoes (seen in the image below).

Meanwhile, here's a listing of the other sculptures (and their location) that are in the exhibition.

64th Street:
All the World’s a Stage, 189.5″ high x 52″ diameter
72nd Street:
In Sync,* 96″ high x 52″diameter
96th Street:
Snail’s Pace, 74″ high x 114″ long x 48″ wide
116th Street:
Topsy Turvy, 140.5″ high x 52″ diameter
157th Street:
Fish Bowl, 101″ high x 110″ long x 96″ wide

*This particular one was featured in last Sunday's post here on Blogger, where I included the following image of it.

And, as is the case with Ms. Mighty Mouse, who as you saw is wearing amazing shoes, the pair of sculptures at an entrance to the Seventy-Second Street subway entrance are also wearing cool shoes.

In any event, the In Dreams Awake, sculpture series will be on display through February 2019 so I am sure that I will have a chance to see  all of them, at least once! Stay tuned, for I will make a point to post pictures of the other sculptures in Ruttenberg's exhibition as soon as I get the opportunity to view them.

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