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Thursday, March 1, 2018


It's March 1st and I want to remind readers of this blog that rather the month comes in quietly like a lamb, or comes raging in like a lion, today is also #NationalPigDay. I've discussed the origins of this holiday in prior entries here on Blogger.

Btw, something else is also occurring on this day, and that is the fact that today is #WorldBookDay and info about this event is trending on Twitter. It is a nice change between the usual ranting and raving (in tweets) re topics related to politics as well as celebrities.

I weighed in on Twitter on Cam's (my female cardinal and co-aurhor who is seen trying to hide in the picture below)

behalf about our book series, Words In Our Beak.

As of this posting, volume one of the series is available in a few formats as evidenced below.

Here's the info on how to buy all the versions of  WIOB V1:


Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:
book culture Columbus:



So, if you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of volume one, dear reader, this #WorldBookDay is a great time to do it! 

Moreover, it looks like volume two of Cam's books series will be available in the early spring! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for info!


The digital versions of Volume One within the Words In Our Beak book series that are mentioned in this entry may only remain available for a limited time, but hardcover versions of Volume One, Two and Three can now be found wherever books are sold.


Please click here to go to my blog post that provides details as to where you can get these books.

Additionally, I have rendered some images from these books into other formats and they are available via Fine Art America (FAA). Some of my other photographs (Black & White Collection, Kaleidoscopic Images and the famous Mandarin duck who visited NYC) can also be found on my FAA pages.

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