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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

WW*: How Birds Lost Their Teeth (*Wednesdays Wisdom)

The figurine featured in the image atop this entry, as you can see, is based on the Tooth fairy. She may look familiar to you, dear reader, as I have written about this "character" in prior entries here on Blogger, which you may reference by clicking here.

She is on my mind on this last day of February for 2018, because (according to Holiday Insights) the twenty-eighth of February is just one of the days that recognizes her history.

Recently I've had a number of serious dental procedures and have joked that when one is a child they get money (from the tooth fairy) when they lose a tooth, but as an adult they pay money — a lot of money – for tooth loss.

But that is not what is what is on my mind today re the tooth fairy or tooth loss. Instead I am thinking about birds and their history with teeth.

Therefore, in terms of this Wednesday's Wisdom (WW), please allow me to refer you to an interesting article, How Birds Lost Their Teeth (by Dan Nosowitz), that discuss facts related to how birds lost their teeth:

And, please remember, our avian friends did not have a tooth fairy to compensate them (then again they didn't have over the top dental fees either)!

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