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Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday's Memo: The Last Monday in January (Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day)

Once upon a time, on the day of January the thirty-first, in the year of 2012, absolutely everyone who was anyone, was talking about Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, which was occurring at the time!

This truism is evidenced in the video posted atop this entry. It was initially produced and released by yours truly back in 2012, and is included within my Vimeo channel. In any event, now, six years later, everyone who is anyone is STILL talking about how they celebrated Bubble Wrap Appreciation day! 2018's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day falls on January the twenty-ninth (today), as it's the last Monday of the month.

No one appreciates bubble wrap more than the flora that grows in my rooftop garden in NYC, which is maintained by yours truly, Patricia Youngquist, The Last Leaf Gardener (with the incredible help of my comrade Juan V).

You see, for a number of winters now, I have used this currently being celebrated "poppin' wrap" to protect the eighty plus flora types that I grow in my garden from winter's normally cold temperatures!

That's this Monday's memo to you, dear reader, should you need an idea for any garden winterizing methods (although in most places in the hemisphere where I live, it's now a little late to do this for 2018; but make a memo of it to consider using Bubble Wrap when you winterize your garden in the coming years).

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