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Monday, November 27, 2017

"The Monday after Thanksgiving."

As I mentioned this past Wednesday here on Blogger, John F. Kennedy was assassinated fifty-four years ago on the day of November 22nd 1963. I have written about President Kennedy in a number of posts here Blogger, dear reader, and you may reference them by clicking here.

But on that day, another event that occurred on November 22 (in 1995), which happened to be a Wednesday, just as it was this year, has been my mind. And that is the date that my father spoke his last words, into a tape-recorder from his hospital bed, saying, "the doctor hoped to have him out of the hospital the Monday after Thanksgiving," which fell on November the twenty-seventh, just as it does this year.

However, the doctor did not have my father out of the hospital on "the Monday after Thanksgiving," as he had hoped. Instead, he took a turn for the worse, before succumbing to death by septic shock eight days later, on November 30, 1995.

My father must have sensed death was near, and he took the opportunity to say a few things. His very short tape is included in this posting, and if you decide to listen to it, dear reader, you can click on "play bar " below the image of the cassette pictured here. FYI, it may take a few seconds before you hear any sound.

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