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Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday's Memo: A Most URGENT Reminder! Casting items in rivers is NOT for the birds!

Last Thursday when I was at a pier located on the Hudson River, a woman pointed out to me that vast amounts of bread had been dumped into the river. I discussed this fact in one of my blog posts, where I included the photo seen above this entry.

In the case of the bread, it had presumably been put (tossed) there by certain folks adhering to their religious observances. However, certain bread is quite harmful to the birds who swim in these waters, availing themselves of what they perceive to be nourishment.

Unfortunately, bread is hardly the only harmful thing thrown into the Hudson River, as evidenced in the set of images below, where a Mallard duck can be seen swimming near to a lot of debris, which was floating in the river, including a watch (which I don't think belonged to the duck).

Witnessing an innocent duck engage with the waste in the Hudson is most troublesome, and I do what I can to raise awareness re conditions concerning wildlife.

As you may recall, dear reader, from my previous entries here on Blogger (September 16th and 17th), I was involved in costal clean-up project, with a number of folks who care about these issues. It is most upsetting to see things floating about in the river, which must've gotten there by folks casting them there, either for the purposes of adhering to a religious observance, or by simply being too lazy to dispose of them in a manner that won't harm our wildlife.

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