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Saturday, October 21, 2017

A View From The Hood

The avian creatures featured within all the images included in this blog entry belong to the bird type known as a Khaki Campbell duck.

I became acquainted with these beautiful creatures this past September when I spent some time on a pier on the Hudson River in NYC.

As you may recall from a couple of my prior posts (9-29-2017 and 9-30-2017) here on Blogger, this duck variety was introduced in 1901 by Mrs. Adele Campbell of Gloucestershire, England.

When I learned this fact, I told a woman (SJF), who lives in a building that is a few doors west of me about my discovery. SJF not only loves birds, she is from England.

Therefore, I wondered if she'd seen any Khaki Campbell ducks in England or NYC, and I emailed her some images. SJF's response was "Khaki Campbell? Sounds like the name of a girl who goes to a preppy high school."

SJF's response amused me which is why I'm sharing it within this post.

For your information, I have indirectly referenced SJF in a prior post here on Blogger (5-19-2013), when she let me take views of my rooftop garden from the vantage point of her kitchen window. One of my images from that particular photo shoot can be seen directly below.

Two years after I took the photograph of my garden from SJF's, place, I photographed it from another apartment in the building where SJF lives. One of my images from that vantage point is featured in the next photo.

Additionally, nearly seven years ago (late fall of 2010), I took a picture of my garden from the vantage point of a terrace across the court yard. It can as seen below.

Now that Juan V will no longer be taking aerial views of my urban garden, I need to muster up the chutzpah to ask neighbors if I can come to their respective apartments and take other pictures of my place.

But that won't be any time soon, as I'm not certain how to approach anyone about this matter. For now, I'll just have to photograph my garden from the doorway of my place.

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