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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday Truths For The Fifty-Seventh Week: This recent red light will not stop me!

Hello, and welcome to the fifty-seventh week of my Tuesday's Truths series which I'm posting at night! I apologize to readers who might've been expecting me to publish an entry earlier in the day, which is my standard — at least for my Tuesday's Truth series.

The truth for this week is that I'm in the middle of embarking on a new path after having received a red light for a book project that I was helping Cam's daughter with. Ever since June 9th 2017, I've been going back and forth with a big company, in order to get their permission for Cam's daughter to use images that I took over the course of a couple years of their public event (a parade), which is very well known by people all over the world.

Therefore, even though the pictures which Cam's daughter wanted to include in her story, are all taken by me, I had to get their permission, as their event is considered a trademark. Most folks had thought I would not have a problem, and that Cam's daughter could use my photos under a clause for fair use, but it seems that's not the case.

The story was intended to be a companion book to Words In Our Beak Volume One,

which as you may know, is written from a female cardinal's (Cam) perspective. I won't be giving away that story when I say it introduces Cam's daughter, Peanut (pictured below).

In any event, while Cam and I are busy finishing up volume two, Peanut approached us about writing a book about the parade, because she enjoys it so much.

She has even compared some of the event's participant's behavior to the behaviors of her father.

The participants:

Peanut's father:

The participants:

Peanut's father:

The participants:

Peanut's father:

Peanut also compared the behavior of a participant to Cam's behavior!

And I must confess to you, dear reader, that Cam and I did not help Peanut with the writing of her book. I gave Peanut the photos, but Cam and I are busy with volume two of Words In Out Beak, so we told her to write her own story: we have full confidence in Peanut's abilities.

All I did for Peanut (besides giving her the pictures), was to make the phone calls to the company and send them everything they requested, I gladly paid the expenses for Peanut. She was so hopeful, as were Cam and I, so it was hard to tell Peanut (after so many weeks of sending materials) that she could not go forward.

Be that as it may, none of us which includes Cam, Peanut, and I, are going to let this company's red light discourage us! Even though Peanut's book is no longer an option, we are already at work on other endeavors.

Therefore, I'll leave you with a quote from Camryn Manheim that is helping us to move forward. She once said: "I can either cross the street, or I can keep waiting for another few years of green lights to go by."

Or as Ratso Rizzo said, "I'm walking here, I'm walking here!"

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