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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday's Thoughts

On this last day of August for 2017, I'm finding it difficult to write about anything because it seems my content is unworthy in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which has devastated so many lives in Texas. As I compose this posting Harvey is on his way to Louisiana to wreak havoc and his demise is occurring during the anniversary week of Hurricane Katrina, which occurred during the time period of August 23, 2005 – August 31, 2005.

Jazz, the dog pictured above was rescued during Katrina, but ultimately abandoned at an animal shelter because he is blind. Someone I know (TT) here in NYC is from New Orleans and her family was there during that hurricane. The mother (Mrs. T) of TT (who lives near to me) was supposedly working at the aforementioned shelter and she adopted Jazz. 

Ultimately Mrs. T died of cancer, unrelated to Katrina, and TT bought Jazz to NYC. She was not always able to care for him and I introduced TT to someone who has been able to help her care for Jazz.

In any event, I certainly am keeping the folks impacted by these hurricanes in my mind, and I have yet to find out how Juan V's family is faring. They live in Texas, but I'm not sure what part, and, I don't usually communicate with Juan in between the days we work together in my urban garden.

The next time I see him, which will be a week from today, I will be able to ask him if his loved ones were affected by Harvey.

Meanwhile, the last time Juan was at my urban garden, was August 23rd, when he took the following picture.

If you compare this photo to the one directly below,

you might notice some subtle differences. For example, in the picture Juan took on August 23rd. a mourning dove is hanging out on the rooftop of my house-shaped bird feeder, which is to the right in both images.

As for the garden, only a very slight change was made on the twenty-third. If you look carefully at the two photos, dear reader, you might notice it.

But, if not one of the changes that was made is highlighted in the next set of images.

I've affixed a square over a piece of flora in both images. (Again, the first image is from 8-8-2017; the second one is from the last time Juan V and I worked together, 8-23.) The flora I am referring to is a shrub known as Pyracantha coccinea (AKA Orange Charmer Firethorn). It was given to me by Juan many years ago. 

The year Juan gave me this Orange Charmer, the shrub produced orange ball-shaped flora, as seen in the following pictures.

In the years that followed, the shrub produced little white flowers, which can be seen directly below.

My Pyracantha coccinea (AKA Orange Charmer) is featured in my first garden-themed movie, The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame ... almost, which is narrated by one of my Kiwi Vines. It can be viewed on my Vimeo channel, which you can access by clicking here.

The Pyracantha coccinea is also featured in the book, Words In Our Beak Volume One.

Be that as it may, as you can see in my two "marked up" aerial views, this shrub is front of a plant (Heuchera) in image one, and behind it in image two. However, swamping locations is not the only thing that Juan did to the Orange Charmer. He gave it a much needed trim;

and, my shrub now has the same shape that it had when I received it years ago. Maybe it will produce awesome flowers again. For now, I'm thankful to see the great shape, and look forward to the next time Juan and I work together again.

Hopefully, any news he has re his family and Harvey won't be traumatic. And, dear reader, if you have been affected by these storms, know that I'm with you, albeit far away, in my thoughts and prayers.

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