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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Please don't eat the Angusitifolum curry. (WEDNESDAY'S WISDOM)

I featured the photograph (taken by Juan V) atop this entry (of my rooftop garden) in a previous post here on Blogger when I wrote about my rear window view.

Today I'd like to tell you a little bit about my Angusitifolum (curry plant )that the small arrow affixed to this image is referencing (which is something I said I would do in the aforementioned entry).

The Angusitifolum curry plant  has grey foliage has a strong, sweet curry scent, but (according to a web page), it has "a bitter taste." Evidently at some point the plant will produce golden flowers, and if this happens, I will take pictures and include them in a follow-up post. Supposedly their flowers "look good dried" and their "leaves are used as garnish or in potpourri."

However, because the Angusitifolum curry plant has such a bitter taste, it is not recommended that one eats it! Therefore, dear reader, if you do procure one for your garden, I say, please don't eat the Angusitifolum curry plant; but do enjoy the sweet scent it produces!

Meanwhile, dear reader, please remember, if my Angusitifolum curry plant flowers, I'll be sure to let you know with a post featuring pictures; and we'll see if any potpourri can be had.

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