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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Another Tuesday's Truth for Week Forty-Four (It's N'tl Gardening Exercise Day)

Earlier today in an entry for my Tuesday's Truths series, I posted a poem in honor of D-Day, which occurred on June 6th, 1944. And, now, before I let this Tuesday pass, I want to state another truth:

Today (according to Holiday Insights AKA HI), is National Gardening Exercise Day. Re this event, HI states: "Everyone knows gardening is therapeutic.  It's good for the mind, body, and soul. Gardening Exercise Day gives us an opportunity to go out and burn off calories and have fun doing it. National Gardening Exercise Day is intended to recognize the important physical health benefits of gardening.

In reality, gardening is exercise. Experts say the various activities and tasks of gardening ultimately uses all of the major muscle groups. In addition, strenuous gardening activities such as raking, hoeing, and digging is both aerobic and muscle strengthening."

Furthermore, HI suggests that on this particular holiday, one "go out and exercise with, and among, (their) plants." 

Going out into my rooftop garden, to exercise with, and among my plants may not be an option for me today as it is raining heavily in NYC. However, rainfall, is not a deterrent for doing some exercising in my indoor succulent garden. Humpty Dumpty, seen in the photo atop this entry, is exercising in it by climbing the wall adjacent to my succulent garden.

Other figurines are getting their workout too, as evidenced in the next set of pictures.

Meanwhile, the rainfall has caused my outdoor flora to a bit of exercising; in terms of growth, as evidenced by the following pictures of my H.F. Young Clematis, which has been hard at work thriving in the 2017 season since May 9th!

In addition to the H.F. Young Clematis's lush foliage, brilliant blooms, and buds of flowers still to come, the photo seen directly above shows a detail from my 'Tamukeyama' AKA Japanese Maple.

The burgundy-red leaves to the right belong to this tree. This amazing Japanese Maple is situated in a container near to the pole on which my H.F. Young climbs. Therefore, the act of my 'Tamukeyama' extending his branches, and reach out with his leaves to caress a H.F. flower should be considered a form of garden exercising.

In any event, my climbing roses are getting plenty of exercise too, as evidenced in the photographs posted directly below.

The other flora types who are diligently exercising include my fig tree, my Heuchera plant and a flowering geranium. All are featured below respectively.

In addition to these active flora types, other flowers, shrubs, trees and vines are dutifully exercising in my garden, as evident in an aerial view of it, which Juan V took when he came here last Thursday, June 1st.

Moreover, exercising in the garden is for the birds also. One of many examples of this has been occurring with a young European starling. He/she can be seen sprinting in my garden within the next two images.

And in the following pictures (respectively), he/she is doing his/her squats and leg stretches.

As you can see, dear reader, this young one may be motivated to exercise by the presence of grapes in my garden. I plan to go into more detail re birds and grapes in an upcoming blog post. Please stay tuned (after you do your garden exercising).

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