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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Welcome to week forty-second of my Tuesday's Truths series with a post dedicated to my anticipated return to tandem cycling. One of these types of bikes can be seen in the image atop this blog entry.

This photograph was taken (in bygone years) by yours truly, just before I was about to have an evening picnic, very near The Little Red Lighthouse, which I had cycled to with my bike captain, ZW, owner of the tandem, which she stores on her ceiling!

In any event, ZW and I had ridden to The Little Red Lighthouse via the portion of the greenway which runs parallel to the Hudson River in NYC. And, now, I am dedicating a post to cycling because the month of May is National Bike Month. Moreover, weather permitting, I plan to be doing my first tandem cycling since my accident in May of 2016!

Even though the accident I had was nearly one year ago, and was not cycling related, a result of my injuries (and the time needed to recuperate from them), means that I have not cycled since that event occurred.

Therefore, I am more than a little apprehensive to cycle, for my accident has made me aware of my vulnerability. However, because the last time I cycled was April 14, 2016, it's high time I return to my routine of tandem cycling on a frequent basis. I'll leave it here for now, dear reader, and I hope to report good experiences in upcoming posts.

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