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Monday, March 6, 2017


The image atop this blog entry, is of a Spilanthes, also known as The Toothache Plant. 

This is a picture which I included in a prior post that I published here on Blogger on June 28th, 2011. If you'd like to refer to this particular entry, please click here; and you  will find cool facts re this herb/plant, which I used to grow in my rooftop garden here in NYC

I am thinking of the Spilanthes (which can also be seen in the image directly below)...

...because I have had a toothache for the past few days, and have not heard back from my dentist who, last Monday, performed a procedure on the pained area. And unlike the Tooth-Fairy...

...who gives money for one's tooth; my dentist took a lot of money to remove and replace a crown this past Monday! I am in a tremendous amount of pain as a result with constant throbbing!

Therefore, my mind is on the Spilanthes, which I have just stated, is an herb/plant that I used to grow here.

And, today, I once again ask the question I had posed in 2011: Where is my Spilanthes oleracea when I need him?

AND Where is my dentist when I need her?

I'm a bit apprehensive to confront her re why she hadn't returned my emergency call, but after all the money I've paid her, thousands upon thousands, why am I anxious to approach her?

Indeed, it seems one's teeth are not their own, they belong to The Tooth Fairy and/or the dentist. The Tooth Fairy is more economical, but, the dentist, is a "necessary evil."

Moreover, Holiday Insights (HI) claims that their is a holiday dedicated to dentists. HI states that the holiday is known by the name of Dentist's Day, which is always honored on March 6th, and that happens to be today! Perhaps, it's serendipitous that my need for my dentist to resolve this is occurring at this time?

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