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Friday, March 10, 2017

Here's some Friday Follow Up Stuff

If the photograph, atop this entry, as well as the images directly below, look familiar to you dear reader, it's because I posted very similar images of all of these trying-to-bloom tulips this past Sunday; in an entry here on Blogger, albeit without the snow!

Now, today, six days after my posting, we had a wet snowfall that had no sympathy for the trying-to-bloom-tulips or for the foliage of some of my crocuses,
as seen in the pictures below.

These images directly above are also very similar to ones included in the entry I made last Sunday, the only difference is these have snow, the "Sunday" images did not! What a difference six days make! But the little crocus flowers are not unnerved by Mother Nature, they are going on with their lives; as evidenced in the next pictures.

The birds that visit my rooftop garden did not let any snowfall ruin their plans, for I was visited by an  array of bird types, including an American Robin,

a somewhat camera-shy Northern mockingbird who perched on one of my suet-baskets,

as well as a large number of European starlings (a few represented below).

Additionally, a handful of house sparrows stopped by,

as did a lone mourning dove,

and, a couple of very camera-shy bluejays (who hid behind my house-shaped bird feeder), so I could not take a decent picture as evidenced below;

I completely understand the blue jay wanting to hide from the camera! I do not allow folks to take pictures of me either, and fortunately I have many good photographs of jays that can be seen here within my entries on Blogger that contain the label bluejays, or they can be seen within one of my many Pinterest Boards. And this, dear reader, concludes my follow-up of this past Sunday's Blogger entry.

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