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Thursday, November 3, 2016


The two images atop this blog entry feature different views of a guy known as Lil Devil. You may recognize him, for he was included as a wedding guest at a ceremony that I wrote about on here on Blogger this past Monday, which was also Halloween

Lil Devil can be seen in the fourteenth image included in that post. And in that particular image, he can be seen standing next to the bride! Lil Devil has been coming to my place for Halloween related festivities for a number of years, and at one point he participated in a competition that I wrote about for hometalk. And the following year, Lil Devil was included in an entry on that same venue; an entry which touched on the value of old as well as new friends.

Yesterday, November 2nd, as he was preparing to leave for the year, Lil Devil let me in on an eggs-tra special secret re a holiday that I had not known about: National Deviled Egg Day! Evidently this holiday always occurs on November 2nd. I've had a craving for deviled eggs ever since he shared this information with me!

However, the Lil Devil is not the only character who has raised my awareness re eggs-tra-ordinary facts re eggs, the egg-head pictured below has also shared information with me. 

He once told me about World Egg Day when he informed me that this holiday always occurs on the second Friday in October. And he also quoted Holiday Insights re the matter and stated, "World Egg Day celebrates and promotes the benefits of eggs. It is truly a world, or international, celebration, from China and New Zealand, to Great Britain and Mexico." 

My "informant" is someone who you might recognize from a prior post here on Blogger re The Octave of Easter. Or you might remember his face from entries that  I made on hometalk titled What Color IS (or was) your Easter Egg? and Thinking Out of The Basket (the EASTER basket) OR Easter Decor/Treats re using figurines in an indoor garden of succulents to create ambiance. He is usually commiserating with his eggs-tra special friends, who are all eggheads! They can be seen in the images below.

These images are also ones that you may recognize  from prior posts here on Blogger and/or hometalk. You may even recall that the egg who enjoys her coffee (as seen in the photo directly above), weighed in with her opinion on the treats one might serve for Saint Patrick's Day.

All of my characters are pretty eggs-tra special when it comes to sharing information, and they do without google-ing!

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