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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Visitor Arrives In Honor of Irish American Month!

This is the first time that whimsical characters are visiting my indoor succulent garden in honor of Irish American Month, which occurs annually in March. Saint Patrick's Day is eleven days from now, and the figurine pictured here has suggested I get moving along if I want to prepare any treats for the upcoming holidays, something she has already done! This is evidenced by the platter of Irish Oatmeal Cookies she has on the platter that she is holding in her photo-op.
I'm not skilled at baking holiday treats, which is something I confessed (on Fb on Saint Patrick's Day in 2014), when I wrote about a NYC treat shop that featured special Rice Krispie Treats that were designed for the Irish Holiday (you can refer to this Fb entry by clicking here).
In any event, if I were to be good at baking, I probably would need to do it much closer to the actual holiday, to avoid eating any goodies before I had the chance to share them!

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