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Monday, March 28, 2016

"EGGS--PRESSIONS" in honor of Easter Octave Monday

On this Monday within the Octave of Easter, two of my Easter visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Easter Egg took the time to teach one of their youngsters about non-holiday things associated with eggs, including some "EGGS-PRESSIONS."* I was glad they shared the convo with me for I had not heard of some of the "EGGS-PRESSIONS" that they sited and I've posted them below:

"To 'have egg on your face' means to be embarrassed because you were caught doing or saying something in which you have no excuse or alibi to get your way out of it or blame it on someone else. In other words, Yup, you did it!" This saying was included in last year's Easter morning post on Facebook.

"'To Lay An Egg' is also an expression meaning to do something that had a result of either being a total embarrassment to you or did not turn out how you meant it to be for someone else.

"'To put all your eggs in one basket,' means to rely totally on one person or situation as your security.

"To be 'a good egg' is to be a nice person.

"To have a big 'goose egg' means to have zero in your score or have a situation have absolutely no outcome.

"To have a 'nest egg' for retirement years means to have some money in your savings or a 401K plan.

"To 'walk on egg shells' means that you are having to deal with someone or a situation in a sensitive manner.

"To be an 'egghead' mean is to be brainy or intellectual.

"To want 'egg in your beer' means to feel that you are entitled to some special treatment or advantage.

"To have 'scrambled eggs for brains' means to be a scatterbrain, can't think straight or organize.

To be a 'hardboiled egg' means to be stubborn.

"To be a 'rotten egg' means you are disliked by a group because of some bad action you have done (i.e. lying, cheating, stealing)

"'A Curate's Egg' means that something is bad; but, to be polite, you say that it's not bad. Or, if you're too afraid to be truthful of it's badness, you just say it's OK.

"To 'egg someone on' means that you keep pestering them, or emotionally pushing them to do something. In some cases it also means to keep annoying someone in some way until they get mad. So, it can be a from of encouragement, teasing or actually annoying someone."

The expressions total more than a dozen and I'm wondering, dear reader, are any of them new to you?

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