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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Bit More Info Re #NationalPigDay!

Earlier today (here on Blogger), in honor of this March 1st holiday of #NationalPigDay, I posted an excerpt from E.B. White's, Charlotte's Web. I specifically referred to the passage where Charlotte advcated for a pig that her father was about to kill. (If you'd like to refer to that Blogger entry, please click here.)

Meanwhile, Charlotte can be seen in the first image accompanying this entry. She is holding the pig she saved. She ultimately named him Wilbur. However, Charlotte is not the only one who appreciates this animal, which may be fairly obvious, given there is at least one holiday dedicated to honoring this creature.

According to Holiday Insights, "Ellen Stanley, a Texas art teacher created National Pig Day in 1972. Her intent was to to recognize and be thankful for pigs as intelligent domestic animals." Holiday Insights goes on to say that "there is no evidence to suggest that this is truly a 'National' day, which requires an act of congress." BUT thankfully, lovers of this animal are not waiting for an act of congress to make this holiday official, for we all know congress can't agree on anything!

In any event, I checked Holiday Insights' information and found a blog known as Piglove, which also attributes #NationalPigDay to Ellen Stanley. Moreover, there is another web-site that gives a nod to Ellen Stanley for the creation of this holiday. They are called Five Points: A Journal of Literature and Art. In a post they made regarding #NationalPigDay, a reference to Ellen Stanley was made. 

And they included a poem, Pigs-In-A-Blanket, by Matthew Rohrer. Here's the poem (and a link to listen to it which they also provided):

"I wake up, bound tightly.
A warm, valerian smell cascades
to my palate. I can only move
my eyelids and toes.
Heat sits impishly on my chest,
at my throat, curtains of it brushing against me.
Panic creeps out of my armpits.
I can only move my eyelids and toes,
and this constant fluttering
lulls me to sleep.

"I awake late and move like a bee
through the apartment,
from station to station
from the blue flame
to the shimmering disc.
From the stairs to the street,
to the grocery store.
To the meat aisle. To the cocktail wieners.
To make pigs-in-a-blanket,
to share them with friends.
To sink into bed, to bind myself
tightly in blankets, to flutter off into sleep,
and then on past sleep,
to be carried by admirers across a wooden bridge.
Later I will burn this bridge."

As far as my observance of #NationalPigDay, I have visiting characters to help raise awareness about this awesome animal. Images of them are posted below.

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