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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The PLOT Thickens (Re Emily)

The last time I posted here on Blogger, which was January the Fourteenth, I made a link available re a tribute I'd written in honor of Emily, the Baltimore oriole featured in the images above and below this narrative.

Today,  January the thirtieth, much to my surprise, I received a visit from Emily in my urban (NYC) garden, and, I took the photo-ops of her that are included in this entry.

As you may know, this is a very unusual time of year for her "type" to be in NYC, but maybe the situation re snow in Atlanta and snow in Alabama has thrown her itinerary off.

OR maybe it means an early spring in NYC?

OR could Emily be after Staten Island Chuck's job? He is the one who will predict the onset of spring when he makes his annual appearance on 2-2 (Groundhog Day). Chuck's "gig" has been covered by yours truly here on Blogger in previous posts that you may refer to by clicking here and here.

OR could Emily be back in town to celebrate Chinese New Year which begins at the stroke of midnight? It's the year of the horse, and a rep for the occasion is already in my succulent garden and he is pictured below, 

where he/she can be seen talking on the strengths and weaknesses of those born during The Year of the Horse. Photo-ops of The Year of the Horse's rep were included with a "story" on hometalk.

Info on The Year of the Horse will be available tomorrow, the first day of the Chinese New Year on TLLG's FB Page.

Today belongs to Emily and many are rejoicing tht she is surviving winter as well as praying that she continues to do so! That's it for now except for my good wishes for you, dear reader, to have a good new year's eve!

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