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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Antics in my Indoor Succulent Garden (MOSTLY) #1

Today is Post One re my effort to distribute my blog content across the board as I discussed in yesterday's post here on Blogger. My focus in my other blogging venues (tumblr and hometalk) — with a slightly different take in each one —  was on the comings and goings in my succulent garden as they pertain to Thanksgiving; which is in ten days time including today (November 19th 2013). Because of this fact re the holiday, a few guests have begun to arrive in my succulent garden and their photo-ops can be seen within this entry.

The character at the top of this post calls herself Madam Falling Leaf, and she is especially close to my heart since I call myself TLLG, an abbreviation for The Last Leaf Gardener, a name based on the O'Henry story, The Last Leaf.

Madam Falling Leaf's sudden appearance startled Humpty Dumpty — a permanent resident in my indoor succulent garden —  as you might surmise from the picture below.

But Madam Falling Leaf's presence did not affect Mr. Moon-In-The-Man, who has always been calm about unexpected guests, as evidenced by how well he handled the number of visitors we had for Halloween. (You may refer to his experiences by clicking here and here, as well as here and here and here.)

As the matter of fact, Mr. Moon-In-The-Man seemed truly to enjoy joking with Claudia and Lord Claude Crow as evidenced by the photo posted directly below.

Claudia may look familiar to some of you who follow TLLG on Blogger, for she has been featured on this venue more than once, including a post I made on November 17th of 2011, where I featured her re her profound knowledge of Shakespeare.

And this past November 8th, I featured her on tumblr to give her some press about her cause as a spokes-crow when she was advocating against the American idiom, Eat Crow.

Today Claudia was joined by her beau, Lord Claude Crow, who ultimately enjoyed an opportunity to flaunt his threads as seen in pictures below.

Although Lord Claude Crow held his fork tightly, he, never, never, once told any of my succulent garden visitors to Fork it Over!

And this brings me to the conclusion of my update/post re happenings in my indoor succulent garden; as for my outdoor garden, everything is still thriving.

I have red roses that are continuing to bloom; the foliage on my Tree Peony and Smoke Bush have become an awesome color of mauve, burnt orange and red (no photo-ops yet). The leaves that are left on my kiwi vines have turned an awesome yellow, but for the most part, the vines' branches are bare, showcasing their twisting and turning shape which the birds that visit my garden are enjoying.

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