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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If it's Tuesday, it must be tumblr . . . Week No. 22 — But first a word from Dr. Seuss . . .

"On the 15th of May, in the jungle of Nool,
In the heat of the day, in the cool of the pool,
He was splashing…enjoying the jungle’s great joys…
When Horton the elephant heard a small noise.

So Horton stopped splashing. He looked towards the sound.
“That’s funny,” thought Horton. “There’s no one around.”
Then he heard it again! Just a very faint yelp
As if some tiny person were calling for help.
“I’ll help you,” said Horton. “But who are you? Where?”
He looked and he looked. He could see nothing there
But a small speck of dust blowing past though the air."

Ah, another Tuesday is upon us! And, if you follow this blog you know, if it's Tuesday, it must be tumblrbut today is not just any Tuesday: Today, is May the 15th, an important day in the jungle of Nool, as evidenced in the text posted above written by Dr. Seuss, an author I have referred to a number of times here on TLLG, including an entry you may refer to by clicking here.

And, if you aren't taking a trip to the jungle of Nool, here's a link to all of my posts on nybg's tumblr — they're really cool.

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