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Monday, May 7, 2012


Once again I want to thank The Achilles Club in New York City for making it possible for me to participate in the Five Boro Bike Tour. This was the fourth year that I've taken part in this awesome event with Achilles and the image posted with this narrative shows yours truly with my captain at the start line of the Five Boro Tour.

I rode as Santa and she was a reindeer. Her "hanger" antlers brought a lot of comments about "the reception" she must've been getting, which had us laughing all the way . . . 

A tandem's not a "one horse open sleigh" but it's pretty awesome, and a miracle for me, as without it, a captain, and Achilles, I would not be able o pursue my love of cycling.

My special thanks to Anthony for organizing everything and to Matt M for being so willing to pick up my bib if need be. On another note, did you notice that I was Rider #1977? That was the number of the year the Five Boro Tour began, perhaps I should play it in the lotto? After all, the weather was great, and hey ya never know!

Meanwhile, my history with the Five Boro Ride is the following:

The first year it rained the entire 40 miles; the following year, the sun baked the cyclists to a crisp; and on both of those occasions my captain was Zoe W, but, last year the weather was AWESOME, AWESOME AWESOME! 

However, Zoe W was unable to do the whole ride, so she lent her tandem to Max O and me — as my blog readers may recall from entry by clicking here.

This year I cycled with Zoe W again. The weather was great, it was about the only rainless day that NYC has had since April 21, 2012! 

Maybe I really should play #1977 . . .

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  1. Thank you too for a great ride, and for the nice writeup.


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