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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remembering ETHEL MERMAN: January 16, 1908 --February 15, 1984

What follows (except for the picture of Ethel Merman at the top of today's blog entry from Wiki), is similar content to what I posted this afternoon on TLLG's Facebook page. I rarely duplicate content, but the roses, which I grow in my urban (NYC) terrace garden, insisted I post the same thing here on The Last Leaf Gardener blog for my followers who "don't do Facebook."

Read on and you'll see why they insisted:

Ethel Merman died twenty-four years ago today, on February 15th 1984, at the age of seventy-six, and the roses which I grow in my urban (NYC) terrace garden insisted that I post a mini-mini movie on my Facebook Page for TLLG, that they had participated in, to pay her homage. (Actually they starred in it, which is one of the reasons they wanted the info posted on my blog as well — my roses are not camera shy.) 

I did post the mini-mini movie for them on TLLG's Facebook, but, you may also click here to view it.

If you follow this blog, then you probably are not surprised that my roses "implored" me to post their mini-mini-movie, for, as you may recall, one of my roses was taken aback over an "eye-candy" reference, and had her concerns expressed in a blog post which you may reference by clicking here.

But today is about Ethel Merman's legacy — not my rose's "quarrel" with the term, "eye-candy" —  and, so, to quote my dearly parted friend, Richard, we (my roses and I), hope that, in regards to our tribute to Ms. Merman, you will "sit back, relax, and enjoy the show."

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