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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"If it's Tuesday, it must be tumblr . . . " Week Twenty (AND HAPPY VALENTINES DAY)

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My spokes-plant (and collaborator), as you may recall from a previous entry here on TLLG, is one of my ornamental grasses known as Ophipogon planiscapus (Black Mondo Grass) triplets. 

The other day, as he and I were going through my Aperture Library, doing some early spring organizing of the photographs that I have there, we agreed that the image posted above, of one of my flowering Hens and Chicks, a succulent that grows in my urban (NYC) terrace garden (but who is sleeping now during our "so-called" winter), should "serve" as our valentine card to you, dear reader, as a small token of our appreciation for your support in following us here on TLLG.
The Ophipogon planiscapus is one of a set of triplets, while this particular Hens and Chicks is one of a few varieties that I have of Hens and Chicks, and it is a succulent whose "life-style" was featured in a previous blog post here on TLLG. (If you would like to refer this particular blog entry, please click on this link.)

In any event, my Ophipogon planiscapus and I chose this particular image of my Hens and Chicks as our valentine for you today, because it showcases her soft muted valentine colors. 

We realize that roses are the traditional flower for Valentines Day (and I do have three varieties of roses which I could have featured as a valentine), but my roses were very understanding about the image my Ophipogon planiscapus and I chose.

However, my roses could not resist pointing out that this particular flowering Hens and Chicks appears (as you may have noticed in the image) to have whiskers! 

And, moreover, my roses went on to sing, "raindrops on roses and whiskers on hens and chicks," putting their own spin on the real lyrics, "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" from the song My Favorite Things.

As you may recall, from a post here on TLLG this past October, some of the things in my terrace garden put a spin on this song using the lyrics, "raindrops on Continus Coggygria (Smoke Bush) leaves," so I am not surprised about my roses making the "whiskers" reference regarding my Hens and Chicks, but you won't find my Hens and Chicks heading to a salon for a waxing by a technician!

What you will find, re my Hens and Chicks, are some beautiful images of them on tumblr, and, since this is Tuesday, you know it must be tumblr, so, please click here for the link to take you there, and once again Happy Valentines Day!  

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