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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WEDNESDAY'S WISDOM: "If cats could talk, they probably wouldn't ."

Halloween is a mere six days away (including today) and while it is a favorite time of humans, "who excitedly plan their costumes of spooks, vampires and monsters, in anticipation of (it), cats, particularly black cats, have little cause for celebration this month,", says Franny Syufy (in her article, October: Black Cat Month: The Perils of Halloween, which you may read in full by clicking here).  

If indeed the fate of some black cats  on Halloween is as bleak the aforementioned article indicates, this may explain why the painted cat rock in the upper-right hand corner has such a pensive expression on his face. It seems one never knows what is going on in the minds of cats.

My friends who have cats seem to be in agreement with a quote that claims, "If cats could talk they probably wouldn't, " which is attributed to Nan Porter.

Not being a cat owner yet hearing a cat in heat yelling across my court-yard causes me to be unsure of the total truth of Porter's sentiment. Perhaps, cats do speak, but folks may not be listening. Be that as it may, it is very sad to think that there are people out there who would use Halloween — or any other occasion for that matter — as an excuse to torture black cats — or any living thing. However, since it is true that cats are not able to verbalize, they are unable to get the word out there that they need protection. It is a blessing that there are people who will speak for the felines, protecting their lives, and trying to prevent cruelty from being bestowed on them — whether it be as a Halloween prank or otherwise.

That being said, there are many more people who appreciate cats than there are those who torment them. The successful Broadway musical, Cats, based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot, (an author who I have referred to in previous posts which you may refer to by clicking here as well as here and here). Eliot's literary work regarding cats is just one example of how much cats are appreciated in the arts, and as a matter of fact, an image of the eyes of a black cat adorn the cover of the CD recording of this musical.

Additionally, another person (an artist) expressing  her appreciation of cats by "using" them in art work is Phyllis, the artist who creates portraits of cats on rocks (and who I have referred to in my pervious blog entries which you may find by clicking here as well as here and here and here). She has recently designed some especially unique black ones, as evidenced by the images accompanying today's blog entry. The eyes of the cat rock to the immediate left remind me of the cat's eyes featured on the aforementioned CD cover (as seen below in the Wiki Image associated with a link you can access here).

Helen has Phyllis's new (black-cat) painted cat rocks at her "vending station", and as always she is featuring them with an array of other painted cat rocks (all by Phyllis). In addition to the painted rocks, Helen's other unique gift items include journals and photograph albums that are made of natural materials — a fact that I have described in a previous post which you may re-read by clicking here

Furthermore, I have produced mini-movies (Virtual Stories) that are based on Phyllis and Helen's novelties. These are currently available for viewing in my Vimeo Library and the specific links to the aforementioned films may be found by clicking here and here. If, dear reader, you happen to be an artist, a vendor, or a shopkeeper and are looking for a way to promote your "products", I would love to discuss producing a virtual story for you that would promote your endeavors in a personal manner. Should this be of interest to you, please feel free to leave me a few details in the "comments field" below this blog post, or if you prefer, you may send me an e-mail by clicking here.  

Additionally, my Virtual Stories, are not limited to showcasing gift items. As of this blog entry, I have sixteen Virtual Stories in my Vimeo Library,which include a garden-themed movie called The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame (almost), that I have blogged about in a previous post, which includes a trailer and you may refer to it by clicking here. Moreover, my Vimeo Library also includes The Miracle on 71st Street. This Virtual Story is also discussed in a prior blog entry and if you'd like to refer to this, please click here.

Another Virtual Story included in my Vimeo Library is a fun-loving movie dedicated to Apple's trainers (this was blogged about in a post which you may read about by clicking here), and there is a touching Virtual Story (memorial) that was produced for my friend, Donna DeSolis, who lost her friend to AIDS. I plan to blog about this in November, as it is the month dedicated to all souls.


Helen, sole proprietor of Gifts by Helen, passed away in December of 2014, and at the time, I announced it on Facebook. Her business is closed. My entries about her will remain in honor of her legacy.

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