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Thursday, October 27, 2011

On Not Being "Eye-Candy" for Halloween

If you have followed this blog, then you have probably surmised from a number of my previous blog posts which you may refer to by clicking here as well as here and here, I am a MUTTS (the name of this comic strip) fan, and I highly encourage you to follow it regularly. If it is not available in your local newspaper, you can always catch it by clicking here.

Like a few of Mutt's characters, Earl and Mooch, a couple of the things which I grow in my urban (New York City) terrace garden, have been noticing happy faced Halloween pumpkins, and they too have been wondering, What's so funny? For example take my Rose, Tropaelum majus (Nasturtium), Hakanechola Macra (Japanese Forest Grass All Gold), and my Strawberry plants, all in close proximity of the Halloween pumpkins that are currently in my garden as seen in the photograph posted below:

One of them (ahem) my yellow rose, became disgruntled the other day when she realized that the New York Botanical Gardens  (NYBG) had posted a photograph of a pink rose with raindrop kissed petals and labeled it as one of their selections for "Morning Eye Candy" and she took it upon herself to post her response on their blog! (Please click here to read it, although you may have to scroll a bit, but you'll recognize her picture immediately as it looks very much like the one of her which is posted below):

In any event, my feisty yellow rose (who also posted on my blog this past May in an entry that you may refer to by clicking here), was taken aback that other roses have been referred to as "Morning Eye Candy" by NYBG, AND, that is why my pumpkins are laughing. 

If  there's one thing pumpkins know about (because of their presence at Halloween), it's candy, and evidently they do not perceive the term "Eye Candy" to be complimentary. But then my pumpkins are vey well read,and so they laughed and laughed when they told my yellow rose the definition of "Eye Candy"; and I'll quote what they told her (and you can check their source by clicking here) as I was nosey and eavesdropped.

"One: a person or people considered highly attractive to look at, often implying that they are lacking intelligence or depth and Two: something intended to be attractive to the eye without being demanding or contributing anything essential."

"Do you really want to be just another pretty face and not contributing anything substantial?," my pumpkins laughed as they questioned my yellow rose. This gave my rose cause for some reflection, and for now she seems to be content to be a part of the eighty plus things which I grow in my terrace garden

As for one of the flowers of my still thriving Tropaelum majus (Nasturtium), who can be seen peeking into the scene in the first photograph of today's blog entry, but, in full view in the image of her posted below,

she and her Tropaelum majus (Nasturtium) comrades are continuing to bloom in full force, producing the same results that they did when they first moved into my garden this past May. They ultimately have continued brining their "Giverny" feel to my place: a situation which I initially blogged about this past June; to read that post and view lovely images of my Tropaelum majus, please click here. To view an array of my Tropaelum majus's images, please visit my Flickr gallery by clicking here and going to the set titled Tropaelum majus (Nasturtium).

MHakanechola Macra (Japanese Forest Grass All Gold) seen in the lower right hand corner just below one of the pumpkins of the first photograph in today's blog entry, is unfazed by the "eye-candy" reference; then again, perhaps it has more confidence than my yellow rose because its image was featured on my 2010 Christmas card; if you'd like to refer to this, please click here

Then again perhaps my Hakanechola Macra was non-plussed by NYBG's "eye-candy" references, because it was already on tumblr at the time. Wanna see? Cluck here and scroll just a bit to find my photographs of my Hakanechola Macra touting its purple flowers.

As for the Strawberry plants seen in the photograph with the pumpkins, they are being quiet about my pumpkin's insights regarding the term "eye-candy" as they have yet to produce strawberries —  even though they were featured on my blog in a post that you may refer to by clicking here.

Perhaps my pumpkin's wisdom, in pointing out the definition of "eye-candy" comes from the amount of light he has inside of him as indicated in an image of him posted below:

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