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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's Musings: MEOW!! MEOW!! Painted Cat Rock Reacts to Charlie Brown's FAMOUS "I got a rock" Lament!

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself, I am one of the new painted rocks created by Phyllis and represented by Helen (at Gifts by Helen).  

Last November, one of my "comrade" rocks made her media debut on this blog, The Last Leaf Gardener, when it was allowed to come into Blogger and let readers know that the world as the novelty Pet Rocks were once known has changed! If you'd like to refer to that blog post, please click here.  

This particular painted-rock-spokesperson received such notoriety from her November 2010 blog post that a priest's cat, (named Ignatius), noticed it, and he implored the priest to have a custom rock made for him!
The result was that Phyllis (the painted rock artist) created an image in his likeness —  if you know what I mean — and that too made news on this very blog. If you want to refer to that post, please click here.

Well, word got around in the painted rock community (which Phyllis has solely designed) that this rock, the one known as Ignatius, pulled some strings, and another painted rock not only "booked" a gig to author a post this past February, but this little rock (who is pink might I add) arranged it so she could be a star in a movie that Patricia Youngquist AKA your blogger at The Last Leaf Gardener produced titled, The Confessions of a Pink Panther Wannabe. I didn't realize Youngquist could create and produce mini-movies! If you'd like to read the post that Ms. Pink Painted Cat Rock made describing the movie, please click here.  AND, if you'd like to see The Confessions of a Pink Panther Wannabe, it is on Vimeo and you may also access it by clicking here.

If you do visit Youngquist's Vimeo Library, you will notice that, as of today's blog post, there are sixteen mini-movies, but I understand that Youngquist is now calling them Virtual Stories, because each of her movies, like each of her blog posts, does tell a story. I won't describe them all in this blog post because if I keep to the point maybe she will cast me in a sequel to The Confessions of a Pink Panther Wannabe! I will tell you that her Vimeo Library includes a garden themed movie called The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame (almost), which she has written about in a prior blog post (that includes a trailer of the movie) you may read by clicking here.

Her Vimeo Library also includes a Virtual Story that she produced when a young married couple traveled from Japan to New York City to renew their wedding vows on a day when New York City experienced a huge snow storm. Hence its title, The Miracle on 71st Street. This movie is also discussed in a prior blog entry that Youngquist made here on this very blog, and it also includes a trailer. If you'd like to refer to this, please click here.

As I said, there are other Virtual Stories in Youngquist's Vimeo Library, including a fun-loving movie dedicated to Apple's trainers (this was blogged about in a post which you may read about by clicking here), and there is a touching Virtual Story (memorial) that was produced for a friend who lost her friend to AIDS. Youngquist plans to blog about this in November, as it is the month dedicated to all souls. I encourage you to follow this blog for details on Youngquist's Virtual Stories; the "calling card" she is using to promote them may be found by clicking here

As I review what I've said about Youngquist's Virtual Stories, I must admit I make a good spokes-cat. Maybe if you leave a positive review of me in her comments field she will consider casting me if indeed she produces a sequel to The Confessions of a Pink Panther Wannabe.

Meanwhile, with Halloween just one week away, I must say I never understood why Charlie Brown (the comic strip character created by Charles Schultz) kept bemoaning that he "only got a rock" – just think if he had taken them to Phyllis what she could've created from them! 


Helen, sole proprietor of Gifts by Helen, passed away in December of 2014, and at the time, I announced it on Facebook. Her business is closed. My entries about her will remain in honor of her legacy.

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