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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Follow-Up: HERE'S THE BUZZ

As you may have noticed, dear reader, this past week, I have included two "extra" postings (Monday Musings on the 17th and Wednesday's Wisdom on the 19th), today (Follow Up Friday) will make it three extra postings outside of my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (an occasional special event posting) schedule — a "plan" which I laid out in a blog entry that I made this past January that you may refer to by clicking here.

Because the next several weeks will involve an array of Holidays and special events, and because gardening takes interesting turns at this time of year, and because these topics are often what I discuss in blog entries, I've been asked to include more postings at least until the end of the calendar year.
I am pleased to say that I feel honored and up to the task. Therefore my posting schedule until the end of the year will be as follows:

Monday's Musings
If It's Tuesday it must be tumblr.(This was introduced in a blog entry that I made this past September which you may refer to it by clicking here.)

Since today is my first follow-up Friday, I have had to include my new schedule, but, without further ado, here are some follow-ups, and they have to do with the newbie (ahem, new bee), whose image you see at the top of today's blog entry. As you have most likely surmised, from a number of my previous blog posts on bees, which you may refer to by clicking here  as well as here and here and here and here, I seem to have a "bee in my bonnet" when it comes to "using them" as blog topics! It may even seem to you, dear reader, that they have taken over my blog, in the same way as I describe them "taking over" my Hyssop Plants. My visiting bees have (through the efforts of yours truly) even appeared on tumblr, and, if you'd like, you may visit them by clicking here

The newbie, seen at the top of today's blog post, has her own story for today's blog post. The image of her that you see shows her with some of the succulents in my indoor garden. She is one of the figurines (OK she's a "fake" bee — the non-stinging kind) that have been added to the Halloween decor which I have added to indoor succulent garden, a decorating scheme, that I discussed this past Wednesday, and, if you'd like, you may refer to it by clicking here.

While it's true that my "visiting bees" are still busy in my urban (New York City) terrace garden, indulging in my Hyssop plants, and I have not tired of their presence, I don't want the succulents to feel left out, so I let them have their own version of bees, and, so far, there are four of them, clinging to a few of the assorted succulents which I have in my indoor garden as evidenced in the image posted below (which you may recognize from this past Wednesday's blog entry).

Like the whimsical figurines of the birds (seen in the picture below this passage), which have been placed amongst my succulents and Halloween figurines,

the bee figurines create an ambiance for my succulents, because they are "forced" to live indoors, instead of being able to enjoy being outside.

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