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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reminder No Posting Until April 26th 2011

Today, April 21st, a few flowers from a small Fritillavia have surfaced as seen in the photograph posted above this entry. This Fritillavia was “tossed in”with my Actinda kolomikta and Actimda (Kiwi Vine), and as you probably know, dear reader, the Kiwi Vine has inspired many posts including the following:

The sudden appearance of the Fritillavia flowers is very timely, because the Fritillavia is often called Mission Bells due to their bell shaped flowers. What better time for a “mission bell”to appear than the start of solemn days?

After all, today is Holy Thursday, and the start of many feast days that honor the Easter season.

This is the reason that I will not be posting on my “regularly” scheduled days until April the 26th, 2011. You may recall, dear reader, that I normally post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — a schedule that I posted in the beginning of this calendar year, although these days I have been posting more frequently, and, if you follow this blog on a regular basis, you may have noticed some “off schedule”blog entries that I posted this month (which were in addition to my regular scheduled posting days).

However, if you didn't get a chance to read those entries, I have posted the links to the extra April blog posts within today's entry for your convenience. They are as follows:

These extra postings are not a result of my having “Spring Fever Enthusiasm,” nor is it my way of making up for the days that will be lost (as far as posting goes), with time spent on the commitments of the upcoming solemn feast days, but rather this month's “extra postings” are an indication to myself, and perhaps to you dear reader, of the importance I place on keeping in touch.

Looking forward to “seeing”you when I return to my posting on April 26th, 2011, with wishes that you enjoy whatever holiday you observe and that it may it be meaningful as well as leading you to new beginnings.

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