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Thursday, March 24, 2011

On N'tl Chocolate Covered Raisin Day — During Lent

If you follow my blog, then perhaps the cartoon posted above looks familiar to you as I included it in an entry that I posted this past January, when I discussed my correlation of New Year's resolutions with the resolving to give up something for Lent. And at that time I confessed that I was not usually successful in fulfilling either intention, but had been certain, like the sentiment expressed in the Dilbert comic strip, that there are folks in my life who would like to tell me what I should resolve to do (in the case of a New Year resolution) or strongly advise me on what I should resolve not to do — or what to give up for Lent.

Last Sunday, March 20th, was not only the first "official" day of spring, but it was the second Sunday of Lent, so I am returning to the Dilbert sentiment today, because, besides the fact that Lent is  currently being observed by some people, another fact was brought to my attention this morning: today is National Chocolate Raisin Day. Today's "holiday" was pointed out to me by someone who knows I design invitations that preserve a moment in time, program covers that enhance an occasion, and cards that are about more than communication. With the information on this "holiday" came a note that expressed the idea that "the timing of this holiday (occurring during Lent) was ironic given that many Christians give up chocolate for Lent."

I am not sure what people who observe this season resolve to give up, but sacrificing the agony of not having chocolate raisins would be an easy resolution for me to keep — giving up chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered expresso beans, or chocolate covered cranberries might prove to be harder . . . 

On another note, I still think that taking on a charitable action (visiting the homebound, assisting in a soup kitchen, helping a friend or even helping someone that is not a friend) during Lent (or anytime) is more virtuous than giving up chocolate covered raisins. I once heard a priest say, "Woe to the parent who tells his child that if you eat chocolate before dinner, God will punish you, because in reality, a loving God would say, 'see that chocolate, go ahead' . . ."
So, as far as National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day falling during Lent, well . . . 

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