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Friday, October 22, 2010

My Speaking Engagement and Presentation (Web Site Tour) at Apple in The Big Apple

I indicated in an early "unofficial" post that in addition to my weekly Saturday morning postings, I would post when an occasion presented itself. This post is to serve as my personal "press-release" to tell you that I am one of four people to have been selected by Apple to give a presentation and site tour of my "web-site," (an extensive on-line brochure) which I created in iWeb (a program on Mac Book Pro). I did this with the assistance of extraordinary trainers at the one-to-one program offered by the Apple Store on  67th and Broadway (which is located in the Upper Westside of Manhattan). This will take place on Wednesday October 27th 2010. The event begins at 6:00 PM and there is no admission fee. Please visit the link and once you are there, scroll to October 27th 2010 for details (it is next to a blue star).


  1. As of 9.19.2011, the on-line brochure mentioned in this blog entry has been redesigned since the time of this posting. The link included in this post has been changed to direct you, dear reader, to the latest version of my on-line brochure.

  2. As of May 2012, the on-line brochure that I speak about here, and that I worked so hard to create is no longer in existence, as I have taken it down. I did this because Apple has eliminated iWeb from LION (which I have upgraded to), so, now I cannot update my on-line brochure. )-:

    The decision to take down my on-line brochure was not easy, especially after all the work which I put in to build it. But "that's technology," says Apple (who no longer offers any support services for iWeb).

    Moreover, in addition to iWeb being eliminated, as of the end of June, Mobileme, a host I procured through Apple (for my on-line brochure) will no longer exist.

    My content is available here on blogger, my web-site, Patricia Youngquist Photo Art, Vimeo, You Tube, Pinterest, nybg's (New York Botanical Gardens) tumblr, and I have a Facebook Page for tHe last leaf gardener. I hope these "venues" cover my bases.


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