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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As Promised: My Review of The Vermont Stage's "Glass Menagerie" Production: BRAVO, BRAVO!

As promised, I have written a review of The Vermont Stage's Production of The Glass Menagerie.  Please click here to see it on their web-site.

ADENMENDUM: It's been nearly seven years since this posting it appears the links posted above are no longer active! Sorry for any inconvenience!

I would not have known this, had I not I returned to this entry today. I came back to this post because this past Wednesday I saw a Broadway matinee production of "The Glass Menagerie," (with Sally Field in the role of Amanda),

and I wanted take a peak at what I'd said the last time I saw a production of this play! I was disappointed to see my links are now broken!

In any event, my enjoyment at the Sally Field matinee was curtailed by a woman sitting next to me who had a phone in her bag that was playing a radio. It was very distracting! I could not do anything about it as I would be disrupting those behind me. Besides I wasn't quite sure where the infuriating sound was coming from.Then, this woman hissed at me and said, "your phone is on!"

I am not a cell phone user and I just shook my head, causing her to realize, the noise we were hearing was her phone; which was on — in radio mode! GRRRR

I've just read a strange review of this play's production by Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune) and part of it states this: "Even if he (Tennessee Williams) did not recognize his sister, Rose. But, you know, the author of this memory play, should he have returned from the bourn from which no traveler returns and showed up at the theater, really would not have recognized what his able-bodied self had come to think, and write, was his sister's experience. Gold and Ferris may well have shown him he was wrong all along."

I don't understand Jones's saying this production "shows Williams that he was wrong"

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