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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mother Theresa and the Intrepid

The folks that manage the Empire State Building in New York City, refuse to honor Mother Theresa's one-hundredth birthday, by lighting the top of the Empire State Building in her signature colors, even though they light the tip of the building for all sorts of occasions. In light of the Empire's State Building's non-lighting, the USS Intrepid has decided to let their lights shine in her honor, as evident in a photograph (which is posted above this entry) taken by yours truly whilst I was at the Intrepid's dock along the Hudson River in New York City. You may read about the Intrepid's "stepping up" to amend this lighting controversy by clicking on the following link.

Meanwhile, with or without the lighting up of special attractions, Mother Theresa's light will always shine. And so without further ado:

Happy Birthday, Mother Theresa, Happy Birthday to you!

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