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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Mandarin Mania Continues (Saturday's Sequel)

In one of yesterday's entries here on Blogger, I featured a few of my photographs of the "famous" Mandarin duck who has been spending a lot of time by himself in Central Park (CP) since October of 2018. Because it was Single Awareness Day, I spoke about this duck's "willingness" to not have a mate/partner/significant other. After publishing that post, I was able to take a walk in CP.

Much to my joy, I came upon the Mandarin again (he was in The Pond near 59th/60th) and I was able to take more photos of him that highlight his other physical attributes. A few of my images are featured atop this entry.

His popularity among the public certainly has not diminished; for there were were crowds upon crowds of people keeping their eye on the birdie as they photographed this creature.

I asked one of the women who was snapping pictures from her phone if she had heard of the news (posted by Audubon where they included the image that is directly below)...


...  that this duck would be molting in a few weeks time. I was annoyed that a question Audubon poses in their article is: Will You Still Love the Hot Duck When He Looks Like This?

When I first learned of Audubon's question, my answer was this (and still is):

I want to REASSURE the #mandarianduck that beauty comes from within... the molting process's affects on his appearance will never take away the joy he has brought to so many people. We will love him no matter what. REMEMBER, "beauty is skin deep."

This idea of judging physical appearances is a topic that I discuss in my presentations at public venues where I base my content on the birds featured in my book series (Words In Our Beak)...

.... as well as on the birds who spend their time including the Mandarin duck. I encourage checking out my books and presentations if these topics are of interest to you.

Btw, I have a collection of photographs of the Mandarin duck as well as of some of the birds featured in my book series. These images can be rendered on an array of surfaces for wall art and/or on greeting cards; all of which can be viewed/purchased via Fine Art America.

In the meantime, here are a few more photos that I took of the Mandarin yesterday.

And here is the purchase info for my book series:

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