Tuesday, January 15, 2019

You LITERALLY can't judge a book by its cover! (Tuesday's Second Truth for WK 110)

Earlier today I published a post for my 110th episode of my Tuesday's Truths series, but here's another: You literally can't judge a book by its cover.

I recently was informed by someone who bought volume three of my book series, Words In Our Beak that the one she received from Amazon had my cover, but story inside was not mine, for it seems a book titled A Knot of Frogs was in its place.

The news is rather disturbing and I'm so grateful that I was informed by her re this big snafu on the part of Amazon (where she evidently purchased it).

Since I am not involved with the fulfillment (sales and delivery etc) aspect of my books there is nothing I can do, which is very frustrating.

It also makes me wonder if anyone else who purchased my books has had any problems and if so I hope they contact the book seller and exchange it for the book it should be.

In any event, here is the purchase info for the three volume series with the image of each jacket.

Volume One: ISBN: 9780996378529
Book Seller Info: http://bit.ly/2AFZDCz
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2zxVujM
Barnes & Noble On-Line: http://bit.ly/2AAnB26
book culture On Columbus (a bookstore on the UWS in NYC): http://bit.ly/2FsC1Uf
Volume Two: ISBN: 9780996378536
Book Seller Info: http://bit.ly/2q75g8e
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2DY0mz0
Barnes & Noble On-Line: http://bit.ly/2G65m6H
Volume Three: ISBN: 978099637853
Now available on Amazon @ https://amzn.to/2IYkmpA and can be ordered from any place selling books by giving them the title and/or ISBN which is 978099637853

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