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Monday, August 20, 2018

#NationalRadioDay 2018

Today is #NationalRadioDay, certainly worthy of the nod, at least for yours truly, for I am an avid radio listener; and I've also been a guest on two radio programs that are based in NYC.

My first time being interviewed on the radio took place at the studios for 1010 WINS, where I was interviewed by John Montone about how conditions with my eyesight influenced my kaleidoscopic art work (that can now be purchased through Fine Art America). I wrote about my experience with John Monotone in one my first entries here on Blogger.

The second time I was interviewed by a radio host was when Karen Lewis had me on her WBAI radio program The Al Lewis Show) to discuss how my visual challenges shaped my rendering images re Black and White photography.

Both of these interviews can be listened to via my website,

Meanwhile in honor of National Radio Day, I'm posting a clip (seen above this entry) of a scene from Woody Allen's, Radio Days, a film he made in the late 1980's. I worked (as an actress in a "silent bit" role) on that film in the scene filmed at Radio City Music Hall that is featured in this clip.

Be that as it may, on this radio-related holiday, I'm also hoping for another opportunity to be heard on another radio program! I've heard back from a certain national radio station requesting copies of my book series, Words In Our Beak

so they can consider having me as a guest to discuss my books and related issues.

Fingers crossed that this will take place. Stay tuned to know if and when you can tune in to your radio should they decide to interview me.

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