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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday's Memory: What a friend I had in DD*! (*Donna DeSolis)

My friend, DD (Donna De Solis) passed from this life three years ago today. I have written about her a number of times here on Blogger and a video that I made (soon after she passed) honoring her life can be viewed within my channel on Vimeo.

Donna can be seen in the photograph atop this entry, she has a yellow sweater over her shoulders and yours truly is standing behind her. We are at an opening for a 2002 art exhibition that I was featured in (with two other artists) at The New York Gallery Building (on West Fifty-Seventh Street in NYC).

The image above us is of a photographic print from my Kaleidoscopic Photograph Collection (which can be found in the Kaleidoscopic Prints Gallery within my website, ) and is called, Rocks by Strawberry Fields.

In the coming days (hopefully this Thursday), I will be meeting with Chris Deatherage (who is the one that designed my website and formatted the Words In Our Beak book series) to see if we can add this image to the Kaleidoscopic Collections within my Fine Art America Pages.

Chris met Donna at a gathering that I had at my apartment on Halloween (a number of years ago) and I am sure that he will agree that DD would truly be thrilled to know I now have some of my work up on Fine America's site.

I miss seeing Donna and my heart aches for her husband, son, sister and cousins who will surely be thinking of her on this mournful day; but I do realize that she is someone who would be very pleased that I'm doing all I can to move forward.

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