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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Yet Another Tuesday's Truth for Week NO. 50! (It's Cow Appreciation Day!)

I don't want this Tuesday to pass, without announcing another truth for this date of July 11th, which is occurring on a Tuesday. It happens to be Cow Appreciation Day!

The photograph atop this blog entry was featured in a prior entry here on Blogger, and is comprised of images taken by yours truly. This picture is featured in the Black and White Photo Gallery of my web-site,; which was created by Chris Deatherage.

My print, Cow with Children, has also been rendered into a greeting card, information is available within the card-shoppe on my web-site.

Btw, Deatherage has also formatted one of the digital versions of Words In Our Beak Volume One, into the softcover version that is now available on MagCloud.

But getting back to cows, they are one of the first animals I loved as a child. I'd see them when our family took side trips through the countryside.

The cow in the image atop this entry was one I saw on a drive to Illinois State University, but the children in the aforementioned picture are ones I encountered while studying at London University.

Be that as it may, I'm grateful for this sweet animal and happy to give them cyber time on their special day!

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