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Monday, June 12, 2017

This BUD's for YOU! (It's Red Rose Day)

Today is Red Rose Day (according to Holiday Insights AKA HI). HI states that Red Rose Day is always celebrated on June 12th. Furthermore, HI proclaims this day is the "time to enjoy and appreciate America's favorite flower.....the red rose."

In bygone years, I've had red roses in my urban garden, which is where I took the photograph (that is now part of My Fauna-Flora-Insect-Themed Cards) that is atop this blog entry. This series of cards is comprised of images which can be found in Cam's book, Words In Our Beak Volume One.

The book, and/or the postcards make a great Fathers Day (which, is this coming Sunday) gift! As of this posting, the only way to purchase my book is via the publisher; MagCloud.

My postcards are available at More & More Antiques on the UWS of New York City.

Supposedly, they are also available as well as at The Bartow Pell Mansion Museum's gift shop. They are also available on my web-site,, which was designed by Chris Deatherage.

Be that as it may, I no longer have red roses growing in my urban garden (which is on a rooftop in NYC). However, I do have white roses, that are thriving; as evidenced in the next two pictures.

As you can see in the latter of these images, my climbing white roses are providing me with what I call an urban hedge.

But getting back to Red Rose Day, HI reminds its readers that "each rose color sends a different meaning to the recipient." If you'd like to see a chart with the specifics of rose colors and their meanings, please click here.

And with that, dear reader, I wish you a blessed Red Rose Day. I will be spending mine enjoying my white climbing roses while sipping Red Rose Tea.

It will have to be iced, however, for the temperatures are predicted to reach ninety-three degrees today, breaking a record set in 1973!

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