Monday, May 8, 2017

In Honor of Peggy Wood

Today, May the 8th, is the birthday of  my dearly departed editor, Peggy Wood, who passed away in December of 2014. She can be seen in the image directly above, which I've included in many posts here on Blogger, as well as in the iBook version of Words In Our Beak, Volume One,

which she helped me edit. Peggy was excellent in recognizing typos as well as punctuation errors.

However, our friendship went far beyond any discussions about my writing, so we shared many good times, at her home as well as mine, including those when her brother (Robert) and sister-in-law (Lynda) came to see her here in NYC.

We can all be seen together in the next picture.

Thankfully, they have kept in touch since Peggy's passing. I am very grateful to remain in contact with them. Moreover, they have been very supportive in my endeavor regarding the production of my soft-cover version of  Words In Our Beak, Volume One.

And, today, in honor of the beloved Peggy Wood, I'd like to share a piece of her writing (below);

that she evidently produced in 1973. I realize it's hard to read  a text image, therefore, I've posted a larger version of it within a page on my blog that may be accessed by clicking here.

In any event, part of Peggy's essay reminds me of the following letter,

"I am not used to celebrating Washington’s birthday on the 15th of February, so I walked up early this morning and deposited letters in our mailbox. Then had to return and retrieve them an hour later when it dawned on me the mails weren’t moving today, even though George is still locked up tight in his mother’s womb and won’t emerge for a full week. This country is nuts. The only date I would like to see shifted is December 25th,  which I would like shifted to February 29th, so that occurs only once every four years. This would have a profoundly beneficial effect on the nation and would set me back even course again. (An excerpt from a 1971 letter to Gluyas Williams.)," which is published in an anthology (pictured below) re the letters written by E.B. White.

And, now, dear reader, I'll close with another picture of Peggy, making a birthday wish.

As you can see her eyes are as bright as the flame of her birthday candle. Peggy was full of light and always extended it to others. Thank you, dear Peggy for the gift of you!

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