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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Diamond Notch Falls

As the winter winds down, I often think about other seasons. Looking through my prints taken in summer, spring, and fall seasons, I now realize that O'Henry's reference to a single, "last leaf" which is not the only "single leaf" that has influenced me.
I've even noticed other 'last' leaves. Once upon an October day, while hiking near Diamond Notch Falls, in upstate New York, I noticed another last leaf, photographed it, and later, using the same method that I employed for my Petite Wrap-Around Card Collection, (discussed in a previous post), I created the Large Wrap-Around  Card CollectionI titled the image of that lone leaf near Diamond Notch Falls, Late Autumn, and it can be seen posted above this entry.

The size of all of the large fold-out cards is 5" by 8.5," and so in addition to serving as a chic greeting card, they also are appropriate for program covers to use for classy wedding invitations, to announce a confirmation or bar mitzvah, or even to use at select functions and venues such as fund-raisers, concerts or lectures. These cards should be viewed the same way as the Petite Wrap-Arounds. The right side of the image is the front of the card/invitation/program-cover and the left side is the back. It is blank inside but text can be inserted with your choice of fonts. Late Autumn, as well as other cards, was recently purchased by the very talented and respected actress, Donna Wandrey, to use for Thanksgiving cards.

Other renditions of this card-style can be seen below. These are titled Crepe- de- Chine, Very Clematis, and Silver Thyme.

Though the new year is only a little over a  month underway, its not too early to dream about spring and to think of cards or invitations you might want to send during that time. The cards posted above will enhance any soirée that you may be planning to celebrate The Rites of Spring.

If you are worried about not being green by sending a paper card, these cards (like the Petite Fold-Out cards) also have a double-life. The unique feature of these cards is that the image is continuous. Therefore, each of the large wrap-around cards/invitations/program covers folds out into a print that is 8.5" by 11" as seen below in this image, Dogwood Yawning taken in Staten Island, a borough in New York City.

This unusual feature of a card/invitation/event program cover becoming a beautiful print suitable for framing is a wonderful way to preserve an occasion.

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