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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Update on "BIRD TALES"

Last Sunday here on Blogger, I posted a copy of my flyer that describes how to find my latest book BIRD TALES... 

This image is of the cover for my book, "BIRD TALES." It has three views of the Mandarin duck who visited NYC. Info for the book is @

... within Apple's Bookstore

A copy of this flyer can be seen directly below.

I thought I'd been clear in pointing out that one had to be on an Apple device to find BIRD TALES, but I guess not, for I received an e-mail from someone stating this:

"I went to Amazon and punched in your name and book title, but Bird Tales did not appear."

I'm not clear on how someone thought I referenced Amazon but because the sender of this e-mail interpetted my flyer in such a way, I was motivated to create a short video that is a tutorial on how to find BIRD TALES. A  copy of it is posted directly above and it can also be viewed on You Tube and/or Vimeo.

Meanwhile, I have now received a third review from someone who identifies himself as Scott Amsterdam. It can be read below along with the two reviews I received prior to Mr. Amsterdam's one.

If the reviews are too pixalated to read in this image, please click here to read them as they appear within Apple's Book Store.

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