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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Blue jays continue to beat the heat in my garden! (Tuesday's Truths WK 220)

No, the  Blue jay seen in the picture atop this entry is probably not using his/her feathers as a means to hide from the camera.

Rather this bird is drying off after taking a dip in one of the bird baths that is located in my garden.  I've mentioned in previous posts here on Blogger (inluding one published on 6-10-2021) that jays seem to love to cool off by taking a dip in one of my bird baths.

We have had some VERY hot days (UNDERSTATEMENT) and I am grateful to provide avian creatures a “cooling center” in the form of a bird bath which this jay clearly appreciated....

... before flying off to perch on branches of a courtyard tree in order to preen.

I’m monitoring my bird baths closely to make sure they are clean and replenished.

Glad to have an opportunity to give back by providing accommodations for the avian varieties who visit my garden.

As you may know, this place is the setting is the setting for my three volume hardcoverbook series, Words In Our Beak (WIOB).

This image features the front cover of my three volume book series, “WORDS IN OUR BEAK." Info re these books is in a blog post @

The goal of these books is to open readers to a simple understanding of the winged world and their environment. Set in a rooftop urban garden (mine) in New York City, my story is told in the voice of Cam, a female cardinal, who visits it. Words In Our Beak is directed to children and adults who are curious about birds, and want to learn about them from a unique perspective.

Moreover, I have had a couple of my images of Blue Jays rendered on to cards by FAA (AKA Fine Art America).

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