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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wise Words Re the "Globe Master" (Wednesday's Wisdom)

The text in today's segment of Wednesday's Wisdom comes from a web-page (for American Meadows) that offers wise words re Allium flowers (the Globe Master variety).

They are the purple flora featured in the images atop this entry (which I took this past Sunday when I walked through Theodore Roosevelt Park and came upon the Irises I wrote about in a recent blog post

American Meadows page re Globe Masters states: 

".... The colossal round flower heads are up to a foot across... this Allium holds the petals on the flowers after blooming, so it makes a spectacular addition to dried arrangements. Some crafters even paint them--with various colors or with gold paint for the holidays....The word, Allium, means 'onion' in Latin. Many Allium species are native to Iran, where many tulips also originate, and the edible Alliums have been cultivated and a staple of diets for over 10,000 years.

The beauty of the small lavender flowerheads of chives have always been a decorative highlight in herb gardens. But in recent years, gardeners have become fascinated with the larger Alliums, particular the giants. As always, the Dutch hybridizers took them into their stocks... Most bloom in late spring so they bridge the gap nicely between the tulip season and early summer bloom of peonies and poppies.

Experienced gardeners plant these giant Alliums in groups of several bulbs, set very close together. The foliage is not attractive for long, so it's important to plant them next to other perennials whose foliage will more or less cover the Allium's base. This way, the wonderful flower stalks rise up and tower over the other flowers for a wonderful period of bloom."

American Meadows words,"This way, the wonderful flower stalks rise up and tower over the other flowers for a wonderful period of bloom," are proven in the next image which I also took this past Sunday.

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